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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Confirm receipt of resume for each applicant


I realize it may be difficult due to volume to confirm receipt and/or acknowledge each applicant who contacts your company. But you MUST do this. Your IT folks should be able to set up autoresponders to work with your ATS to make your life easier.

However, please put some thought into the verbiage used in these acknowledgements. I'm going to assemble some of the worst I've seen and publish them soon. Remember, some of these applicants will be people you are interested in and you leave a lasting impression on people with not only your first contact/correspondence but all of them.

Those of you with access to your marketing departments should really get them involved. Strong verbs, empathetic - caring language - personalized messages (even addressing them by first name in autoresponder thanking them for their interest) should be used here. I'll get some examples to show you and post soon.

Thanks for reading and make it a great day!



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