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Monday, May 17, 2004

Getting "Linked In"

I'd like to invite those of you who have not checked out to do so. It's an excellent way to search for candidates if you are a recruiter. It's also a great way to network and do research for companies you think you'd like to do work for.

If you are looking for a new position, job, career, you can post a resume on-line as well so we can find you!

I'm a Spoke ( user as well, but must admit that I much prefer the ease of use on LinkedIn. Spoke's support however is fantastic. I emailed with a question and got a call back the very same day from a member of the support team.

Remember, if you are looking for work - job boards are not the only vehicle. Do research in your field. Use boolean search strings, look for blogs like these (and others). If you are a life sciences professional I recently discovered an exellent resource Very organized list of positions by specialty and state.

If you have a great resource you'd like to share, email me at so I can post it for others. Have a great day!


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