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Friday, May 21, 2004

He who interviews best gets the job?


He who interviews best gets the job? Hmmm, not sure I totally agree. Let me explain.

I found a great site today by accident really. A former pharma rep who became a recruiter is really offering a great value to potential candidates who want to break into the pharma sales field. I applaud Pat Riley (although I don't know him) for providing valuable information to interested candidates and putting in place a system for his business.

However, as a hiring manager, do you really want to hire someone who interviews well or who WILL DO WELL on the job? That's not to say a good interviewer won't perform well on the job....but it can go the other way as well.

When interviewing a candidate, be sure you are asking questions that will give you an idea of future - predictable behavior. Be sure this individual is motivated, excited and driven. Ask for specific examples of how they handled challenging situations in the past. What happened, how did they react...if they didn't handle it well - but would have now ask why. What did they learn as a result and what would they do differently now.

Ask them how a colleague and/or a customer would describe them.

What we are after is high performers - strong leaders. Sometimes they may not always be the best least initially. After a bit they will open up, relax..ask good questions and show you who they are.

Wishing you more fun and success with interviewing...



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