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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Job Posting - Do I Dare?

In today's mail I received a coupon from offering me 2 free job posts if I post 5. The promo copy compares the value of a job posting on to a posting you might place in your local or a regional newspaper. Monster applauds its screening tools and comments that in a newspaper ad anyone can apply and you cannot screen them out. Well, screening tools on the internet are a far cry from screening anyone out. I have used several job boards (in the past...I never use them now) and anyone really can still post a resume online and apply to your posting causing you HOURS of work filtering through all of the unqualified candidates. I can almost guarantee you that within 1 hour (yes 1 hour) of posting a position to you are likely to receive over 50 resumes and that number will surely be closer to 100 by the end of the 1st 24 hour period. Ask yourself, do I have time to post a position and deal with all that comes with it?

Sites like monster definitely have their place in the search space. I think they are great places for image advertising (good value really for that) and posts here are a great tool to see if folks really can follow directions, use email, attachment features etc. Posts are great for retail and hospitality positions when it's also important to you that future team members are computer literate.

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