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Monday, May 24, 2004

Post a job - get a gift certificate

I receive emails about once a week from LabSitesOnline. They offer a $125 gift certificate usually to Walmart, Home Depot etc. if you purchase a job posting. If you decide not to elect a gift certificate you get a discount on your posting and it's only $170 instead of the $295.

I find this interesting. I don't think this appeals to most corporate clients, and wonder if this isn't having more success with independent recruiters (like myself). I haven't personally posted a job and will not do so. I don't believe posting jobs on traditional or even niche boards is effective anymore. Posting to a job board is like playing darts. You have no idea really who will see your ad and how well the site is actually optimized. And you are dependent upon people contacting you. Most candidates who will contact you as a result of a posting will generally be those with issues. Maybe it's a work history (lots of jobs all the time). Maybe a license has lapsed. Maybe they were terminated at one time. I'm not saying this is always the case....but usually there is something.

The best way to source candidates is still in my opinion by referrals from those who are excellent, above average performers.

But if anyone out there has tried this board...please share your feedback and I'll post for the group.

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