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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Creating a customized, written search plan (Part II)

Part II of your search plan should be a summary or approach of the process.

Possibly the first step will be an initial review of job description (s) and maybe even the complete life cycle of the current recruitment process.

Next you will want to identify who will be involved in the interview process and why.

Map the process out on a whiteboard with targeted deadlines (or desired dates for completion). Will you need someone to start by a drop dead date for cross training (before the outgoing ee leaves)? Or is there a manager the person must meet before going to Japan for a month? This is a time to check everyone's calendar and avert disaster whenever possible!

Be sure that you and your recruitment team are clear on who is responsible for what. If travel arrangements and interview times need to be scheduled don't lose time figuring out who is responsible for the workflow. Likewise, who will be extending the offer to the candidate and checking references; will you need a background check, health screen, credit or licensing check?

I usually present my written search plan to clients for a sign off just after we sign a contract to proceed with the work. That way before going forward we're on the same page about what will happen next.

Part III to follow tomorrow.....make it a great day. Lucia


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