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Monday, June 28, 2004

Elements of a Search Plan

This week I'd like to review the 5 elements in a solid search plan. I thought I'd break it down and do one part each day for a series this week. On Friday I'll post a full mock plan.

When working with an executive level recruiter you will have an initial phone consultation which is generally followed by a written search plan so both parties are on the same footing and in agreement about the search process going forward.

The phone consultation should review why the vacancy exists, who else is on the team and what strengths are we seeking in a new addition to the team. Is the position actually approved and what will the interview process look like (who will be involved, who will make the offer and when do you need someone to start)?

In a written Search Plan HireWorks, Inc. (my company) first reviews your needs summary.

I. Needs Summary

This should summarize your information about the position, location, title, number of positions, salary range, work environment etc.

Skills and competencies required should be listed next. I typically use adjectives and phrases listed in a series to be sure I've hit on all areas of interest to my client.

This includes minimum requirements such as degree required, years of experience, software knowledge etc. But it also lists for example, critical thinking skills, ability to work independently or from home. I'll speak to motivation levels and attitude required as well.

Tomorrow I'll review Part II of the Search Plan - Suggested Work Plan (Process).

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