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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Executive Recruiting - Eat what you kill??!

I subscribe to ERE Exchange - a group/forum for recruiters. Each day there is a feature article and while most are quite good, written by Dr. John Sullivan, Mr. Lou Adler and other professionals, today's article was awful. For many reasons, articles like today's and recruiters like the one featured, is why I remain a recruiter.

Recruiting is tough work and some days even life insurance salespeople are treated better than we are...but articles like those found today are why!

Actually if you can get past the first paragraph of the article I do agree with most of what Mr. Adamsky says. Sales is service...if you believe that and act that way then there is no need to be shark-like and use terms like Eat what you Kill. Just God Awful if you ask me.

People do business with those they like, know and trust. I think the words you choose to represent yourself and those in your profession should be chosen carefully.

Tip of the day: Be sure you LIKE, KNOW (or get to know) and TRUST the recruiter you are working with. I promise it will be much more fun!

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