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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

How to Hire - Part II (Writing Job Descriptions that work)

Writing Job Descriptions that pull - that folks want to read... That's today's topic.

Job postings, position descriptions, ads whatever you'd like to call them should be written from a sales or branding perspective. What are you trying to accomplish with these posts? We want folks to call or email us a resume right? Well then STOP posting job requirements that top candidates will never respond to.

Job posts should be interesting and lead the reader like a good title does a news story.   Your post should be full of action verbs and questions...


Seeking energetic multi-tasker who likes to interact with others! Does this sound like you?

Issue a challenge in the post:

Would you get excited to be charged with the task of decreasing downtime by 10% in 60 days? Would you get even more excited charged with increasing productivity by 20% in 30 days?

Top candidates, those who have the competency to do the work and the motivation to do it better than it's been done before WANT you to challenge them! Why not start with a challenge in your ad or posts and distinguish your brand or work culture?

Have a story you'd like to share? We want to hear about it!

More tomorrow.....


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