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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Search Plans - Part III - Sourcing

Customized, written search plans continued...

My favorite part - sourcing candidates!

Most recruiters will suggest the engagement of MULTIPLE, simultaneous sourcing activities to keep the flow of candidates moving for both the short and long term. Remember, you are also always seeking profile candidates for positions you don't even have vacant now as well!

Here is an example from a live search plan I'm currently working for a client:

1. Boomerang campaign (“We want you back!”): Who left that you’d like to return?
2. Sourcing from competitors (locally and regionally).
3. Sourcing from like industries, based on specific skill sets required (i.e. hospitality, airlines etc.)
4. Campus recruiting (two and four year schools). Sell the management as well as the global opportunity, and promotional opportunities therein. Do you assist with college education for staff as an incentive?

5. Diversity Recruitment (on-line, career fairs etc.). Is there a need for bilingual staff?
6. Job Boards: Monster, HotJobs, local boards (e.g. and use of MetaPosts.)
7. Internet Sourcing (AIRS Oxygen, Boolean Search, etc).
8. Open Houses (to be held at call center) followed by an Ambassador Program.
9. Career fairs (locally and nationally).
10. Online communities (e.g. Topica, AOL etc.)
11. Media outlets: Print advertising, billboards, possible use of radio and internet radio shows in to reach the appropriate target market.

12. Employee referral program (ERP). Does it need a refresher? Do staff members know all there is to know?

Tomorrow we'll close this up and put it all together.

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