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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Search Plans - Putting it all together (Part IV and V)

Part IV and V

Part IV of the search plan is usually where we include a bit of information about us (and I include my Bio). I do this since the person with signature authority might not know much about the process to date and we want them to have a clear document with an articulated path that is easy to understand and sign off on.

Part V. Proposal of Services and Terms.

1. Planning
2. Execution
3. Working Status
4. Expenses
5. Rate or Fee (depending upon the type of work or project engaged in).
6. Termination Notice
7. Related and on-going services

I'll put this all together and publish a live search plan to illustrate these points below:

Example of Live Search Plan (some information omitted to protect client confidentiality)

Recruiting Plan for "client"

HireWorks has prepared a proposed Recruiting Plan to serve as the blueprint to meet client's recruitment and retention goals.

I. Needs Summary:

Company name:
Title of positions: Customer Service Representatives
Number of employees: 40 + (high-volume recruiting needs)
Orientation: Nine-week training program

Skills and competencies: Strong multi-task abilities
Flexibility in work scheduling
(The facility will be open from 8:00 am to 8:00 PM Monday – Friday)
Clear communication skills
Problem solving orientation
Critical thinking skills
Previous experience working in a call center environment preferred
College degree preferred
Works well independently as well as interdependently (in a team environment)
PC literate (ability to type minimum 35-40 WPM) and possibly other minimum requirements as determined by client.
Positive attitude, patience, strong commitment to excellence with fortitude to see a case through to completion.

II. Suggested Process

An initial review of both job descriptions and the complete life cycle of the current recruitment process (including metrics and related hiring and retention statistics) shall be conducted. As part of this process, input from key managers and call center reps (staff) should be solicited. All comments and suggestions should be considered.

The existing process should be mapped out so that process improvements can be introduced and rolled out. For example, is client conducting exit interviews? If so, why are people leaving? Can any imrovements be made to increase retention? Finally, a timeline for current hiring needs shall be defined, as well as a master plan for overall hiring needs as of January 1, 2005. Note: Be sure to secure buy-in from the management team as part of this process!

Projected timing and planning:

Since this call center is a benefits call center for client base, and open enrollment is July through October, all new hires must begin their nine-week training program by the last week of April. Therefore, offers must be extended to determine the actual level of staffing by late March or early April. Of course additional flexibility will be built into the plan in the event additional contracts are accepted, and staffing levels need to increase or decrease accordingly.

III. Sourcing

I would suggest the engagement of multiple, simultaneous sourcing activities to keep the center staffed properly. While I have not listed all possible methods, below are a few ideas to get started:

1. Boomerang campaign (“We want you back!”): Who left the center that you’d like to return?
2. Sourcing from competitors (locally and regionally).
3. Sourcing from like industries, based on specific skill sets required (i.e. hospitality, airlines etc.)
4. Campus recruiting (two and four year schools). Sell the management as well as the global opportunity with client, and promotional opportunities therein. Does client assist with college education for staff as an incentive?

5. Diversity Recruitment (on-line, career fairs etc.). Is there a need for bilingual phone reps?
6. Job Boards: Monster, HotJobs, local boards (e.g. and use of MetaPosts.)
7. Internet Sourcing (AIRS Oxygen, Boolean Search, etc).
8. Open Houses (to be held at call center) followed by an Ambassador Program.
9. Career fairs (locally and nationally).
10. Online communities (e.g. Topica, AOL etc.)
11. Media outlets: Print advertising, billboards, possible use of radio and internet radio shows in to reach the appropriate target market.

12. Employee referral program (ERP).

IV. Lucia’s Bio

Lucia Apollo Shaw is President and CEO of HireWorks, Inc.

She has been helping her customers for nearly nine years, working both as a third-party recruiter for CDI Corp. (staffing customers like IBM), Trilogy Consulting (now Venturi Partners), staffing the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry, and in places like Duke University where she was a corporate recruiter and Team Leader for recruitment for Duke University Hospital.

Prior to her recruiting career, Lucia was among the first group of trainees hired when Phoenix and Home Life (PHL) Insurance merged and created a new call center in New York. Lucia was promoted to Team Leader, responsible for hiring, training and managing a group of 12 staff members. At that time, the reps averaged approximately 100 incoming calls per day (in a four-hour time frame). Lucia was employed by PHL for a period of four years before relocating to North Carolina.

Lucia earned a B.A. from the State University of New York (University Center at Albany) and pursued Graduate Studies in Public Administration at the Sage Graduate School in Albany, NY.

V. Proposal of Services and Terms

Per our conversation on, I understand that the current need is for a senior recruiter to work for a period of three to six months. I am incorporated, and currently have an office, equipment, etc. in Chapel Hill.

I propose the following (and welcome further discussion):

1. Planning: I will create a specific recruitment and hiring plan as outlined in this document (which will include feedback and input from client) for implementation.

2. Execution: I will work from my office in Chapel Hill three days per week, and report to client site two days per week (with the understanding that there may be occasions where additional on-site time is required). When off-site, I will be available via telephone, fax and e-mail.

3. Working status: The contract that both parties (client and HireWorks) will sign will recognize that neither HireWorks, nor Lucia Apollo Shaw, will be an employee of client.

4. Expenses: HireWorks will not seek reimbursement for costs of operation relating to phone, internet charges, or travel expenses to and from the client Site.

5. Rate: $35.00 per hour, on 40 hours per week, for a period of three to six months. Invoice remuneration to be submitted to HireWorks on net 30-day terms, which shall be inclusive of actual hours of service performed.

6. Termination notice: Minimum 30-day notice required to HireWorks. Regardless of the timing of the termination notice, all billable time for services rendered, but not yet paid, to HireWorks, Inc. shall be recognized as the final payment to Hireworks.

7. Related and on-going services: HireWorks welcomes any future discussion of on-going contract services beyond the anticipated three to six month initial requirement. Additional recruiting services and searches for specific positions can be initiated upon request.


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