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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Top 10 Reasons to partner with a Recruiter

Well I'm back to blogging after a very busy August. I've decided daily entries are a bit more than I can handle for the moment so we're shooting for 3 entries per week for a bit.

Let us know if this is or is not working for you, our readers.

Well depending upon what you are reading the economy is recovering or it's still in a terrible state. However, many of you out there reading are in fact hiring and we want to shed some light on why we still think working with recruiters saves you time and money. Here's 3 reasons for today...

1. Recruiters offer specific expertise not just in hiring and knowing what the market bears, but usually also in subject matter. Recruiters talk with candidates each and every you and your staff don't simply because you are working on your primary jobs. Recruiters know what salary structures are and good ones build org charts of your competitors. We recently completed and continue to work on sales positions for CRO's. We can tell you how many reps are on each team - what they do and how much they make...for the top 20 in the country.
Would that information be valuable to you if you were building your sales force?

2. Recruiters talk with candidates each and every day - how many? A lot! Depending upon what we're sourcing for we can talk with as many as 20 people or more per day per recruiter. Do you really have time to do that?

3. Recruiters are a third party vendor and can do for you what you cannot do for yourselves. Candidates usually open up to us if we've done a good job. We can find out what reservations, concerns there are about a particular company or even industry. We can tell you what the base salary is and what the bonus structure is accurately - candidates simply cannot get away with exaggerating with most recruiters...we are used to asking lots of questions...and know (usually) when we're being snowed.

Bottom line: we cut to the chase and provide our clients with snapshots of who they should spend a moment talking to.

More tips to follow this week.....


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